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Everything is an experience on a Disney Cruise

I recently wrote about the amazing time we had on our Disney Cruise.  You can check it out here and here if you missed it.

Disney works hard to make sure every aspect of your cruise is a memorable experience. Nothing is over looked, not even going to the bathroom!

A directory on the disney cruise ship. At the bottom it notes that bathrooms are on the starboard side "Bathroom Experience".


You know you live in the country when . . .

The other day I was out walking with a friend. We’re up to 4 miles with a 16 minute per mile pace. YAY US!! But, I digress, we were out walking and passed a house where a crew of men was taking down some trees.

My friend said “Oooh, that’s a nice one.”

I turned to look thinking she was referencing something like this.

'Construction Worker' photo (c) 2010, Phillip - license:

No, actually it was a smaller version of this.

'P5100013' photo (c) 2008, Kid Cowboy - license:

For my city slicker friends, she was ogling a wood chipper.  God, I love living in New Hampshire!

Showing My Age

I love live concerts (I’ve just learned to bring my ear plugs). I was a teenager when I went to my first show, REO Speedwagon at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. Concerts were the only time I wished I smoked. I loved it when everybody held their lighter in the air and we sang and swayed a long to the music.

Times have changed, smoking is no longer allowed in public places and fewer and fewer people carry lighters. Last week I went to see Miranda Lamber, Dierks Bentley and Lee Brice. As a side note, it was an AMAZING show, but that’s not what this blog post is about. During his set, Dierks yells out “Come on New Hampshire light up those cell phones!” Yes, yes indeed, times have changed.

I’ll always be a little nostalgic though.

A picture of the Virtual Zippo Lighter App on my iPhone

Decor Discord

When we visited Charleston we knew we wanted more than a pair of hotel rooms but between price and availability we weren’t able to find what we wanted in a hotel property. So eventually we landed at a Wyndham Vacation Rental on the Isle of Palms. It was laid out perfectly with two bedrooms, two bathrooms a small kitchen and a living space with enough comfy chairs for everyone AND free wireless internet. The unit over looked a pool, was a short walk to the beach and was part of a larger resort that offered bike rentals and other amenities. In a word, it was perfect.

Well, there was this one thing. Um, whoever decorated the space had some REALLY interesting tastes. The overall theme was Key West Modern which really makes sense given the location and the setting, but the execution was well, kitchy.

The bedroom I shared had a nautical theme. IN YO FACE, OVER THE TOP NAUTICAL YO!

Cookie Jar in the shape of an oversized woman wearing a yellow bikini with black polka dotsThese gems hung out in the kitchen, I’d hate to disturb this lovely just to get a cookie.

They looked out on the living space, inhabited by a wicker couch with cushions in a loud Hawaiian shirt pattern. Sorry, not photo as it was usually occupied :).


The back of a large woman in a bathing suit.This? This is the piece de resistance. It is hung just outside the kitchen door, so I suspect it is an attempt at preventing vacation over indulgence (as if the cookie jar wasn’t enough), but it kind of gives me the creeps especially since I kept resting my hand on her bum as I looked for a light switch (turns out the switch was on the inside).



There was one item I just loved.

A clock with no numbers, but the face says Who cares?

Because really who cares about time when you’re on vacation?



New Glasses

Fish & Mim modeling their new glassesBoth kids needed new glasses this year. They both have a bi-focal and both use Transition Lenses so the glasses can double as sun glasses.  I always guide them towards the tallest frame possible to give them as much coverage as possible. This is not an easy feat with today’s fashions.  I miss the old owl eyes of the ’80’s! A-man got glasses for the first time since he was a kid.  He hates having his picture taken, but I managed to snap a shot.  I will refrain from posting it because 15 years of marriage have taught me a few things :).