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Luge in a Northern Town

Despite the houses in our area being spread out, we have a neighborhood.  I blame Becky.  I affectionately refer to her as my crazy neighbor. Crazy in a good way. She has boundless energy and is just bursting with creative ideas. She and her husband Marc have four kids aged 6 and under yet, they are some of the most laid back people I’ve ever met.  They are always there to lend a hand, grab a kid off the bus and frequently they open their home to their neighbors for fun times.

This year’s abundant snow fall has enabled the return of the luge. Marc built the first one a two years ago and it was an instant success. Ever since he’s been busy drafting an expanded design.  Last year was a snow bust, but this year has been a gold mine for luge construction. This year’s luge features 50% more sliding space including a straight run built for speed and a curvy run full of twists and turns.

A view from the top

A view from the top of the luge

3 shots of a little girl on a pink ski helmet sliding on a pink tube

You can’t hear it, but he is saying, go, Go, GO!!!

Little boy in a red ski helmet sliding down the luge

No fear!

Becky tries out the luge (and sticks the landing!)

4 shots of Becky making her way down the luge trail.

A little girl in a saucer with big eyes, a little girl riding the luge without a sled, a boy riding up the banking, a toddler in his mom's arms taking it all in.

We are so grateful to have such fun, community oriented neighbors!


Life in a Northern Town

I may complain about some things about living in New Hampshire, but there are many wonderful things about living here too.  I love the winter and I love to be outside enjoying the cold weather activities.  I’ve decided that people who don’t like snow don’t have the right gear.  A good pair of long underwear and waterproof snow pants are crucial to enjoying the brisk temperatures.

My husband was shocked this local church not only allows sledding on their hill, they encourage it. I guess they don’t have many lawyers in their congregation. 🙂

A classic New England Church with townsfolk enjoying the sledding hill.

Some of the parents built an awesome jump!

3 kids on tubes headed for a jump

3 kids on tube approaching the jumb

3 kids on tubes catching air off the jump

3 kids on tubes sticking the landing (sort of)

3 kids on tubes enjoying the rest of the trip down the hill

I ❤ this shot.

2 kids on a sled with their backs to the camera, they are kicking up an awesome snow spray, and the sunlight is catching the crystals.

My mother used to refer to this rosey cheek condition as “Chink Peeks”

Four shots of my kids with pink cheeks

Day is done, gone the sun, time for some hot chocolate!

4 tired faces