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Oh Christmas Tree Indeed!

Christmas tree shopping when I was a kid was an involved process. It frequently took multiple trips to several locations within a 10 mile radius of our home to find “the” tree. Word to the wise, NEVER shop for a Christmas tree with a Virgo.

My tree shopping habits changed when I met A-man. We picked one location (usually a local business or charity) and picked a tree. It was that simple; it took a total of 20, 25 minutes tops! I hardly knew what to do with the extra time. For the last few years, we’ve followed the New England tradition and tagged our tree Thanksgiving weekend and then cut it down ourselves a few weeks before Christmas. The kids get a kick out of the two step process and we like supporting a micro business.

Heavy Duty Dark Green Christmas Tree Stand
The Incredible Hulk of Christmas Tree Stands

Back to the early days. once it was clear that our relationship was headed towards permanent, A-man and I bought a tree stand. Oh and not just any stand, we bought a beefy, steel Christmas tree stand, the Incredible Hulk of Christmas tree stands. For many years, through cats and puppies, babies and toddlers, the Hulk tree stand served us well. Over the last few years, he’s been slipping a little. We had to install cup hooks so we could tie the tree to insure it wouldn’t fall over. Clearly, The Hulk was was loosing his grip.

This year’s tree tipping incident during the decorating process was the last straw. I’ll admit I was rather attached to The Hulk, but I’m more attached to the ceramic ornaments imprinted with my children’s infant footprints. Ornaments that have thankfully survived all tree crashes to date, but even I know that luck can’t hold out forever. It was time to retire The Hulk. A-man braved the two-weeks-before-Christmas Saturday crowds to find a replacement for The Hulk.

Ahem, have you any idea what it is like trying to find a tree stand two weeks before Christmas??

Plastic matt with a plastic cone on time designed to hold a 10ft tree.
The New Christmas Tree Stand

Three stores and only two choices later, he returned with a tree stand designed to support a 10 foot tree. I would LOVE to have a 10 foot tree, but our 8 foot ceilings just won’t allow it. So, after much wrestling and turning of screws, we managed to stabilize our five foot tree (small even for us) but, we tied the little guy off just in case.

Ah, all is well with the world. Gate off the room to keep out the spastic puppy and on with our Christmas preparations.

Yeah, Not so much.

This is what we came down to this morning.

Christmas Tree leaning agains the wall
Christmas Treeus, Collapsus

Thank goodness for the cup hooks and twine. A-man wrestled with it for about 20 minutes this morning while I held it, but it would not stand upright. We are contemplating borrowing my MILs Christmas tree stand.  Stay tuned!