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Cub Scout Camp

Mim with his day pack and his Blue peaking out of the pocket.

Mim is off to his first Cub Scout Camp adventure this week. It five nights and four days of non-stop action. He was mostly excited, but I think a small part of him was nervous too. In other words, he was a typical little boy.

He’s there with his pack, so he knows the leaders and the other boys he’s camping with. I have no doubt, that both he AND the leaders will come back with some wacky tales to be told.

It rained like Noah was about to show up yesterday and a I cringed, and prayed that my not-so-detailed-oriented little boy remembered to put the top back on his rubbermaid bucket and close his tent flaps. Alas, I guess that what’s overnight camp is all about, experiential learning. 🙂

Mim packing his tub.  Ready to go and  a picture of their site