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This Makes Me Happy

A Plastic light-up Santa ClauseI can’t tell you why, but this tacky plastic Santa Claus makes me grin every time I see him.  When Santa makes his appearance, the Christmas season has begun in my heart.

He’s kitschy, but at the same time, he’s comforting. I had one just like him when I was itty bitty. He was my nightlight during December. I don’t know what happened to the original.  I think there may have been a melting issue somewhere along the way.

This Santa appeared when I was older.  I was in college I think.  My mom and Dennis told me there was something in the kitchen for me.  My immature brain was thinking something flashy and instead, I found Santa.  I was momentarily disappointed he wasn’t the latest doodad, but I quickly got over it.

It’s tacky, I know, but this little  1 foot tall hunk-o-molded plastic is special to me.


What is your favorite Christmas decoration?