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We are Ready for Halloween Part II – The Mime

My favorite mimeFish is getting to the age where the interest in Halloween wanes.  Ohhh the desire for candy is there, but the motivation to create an original costume and travel from house to house is diminishing.  I have mixed feelings about the passage of time, but respect it for just that, a passage of time.

This year it was more of a struggle for her to come up with a costume idea than in years previous. She’s had exactly two pre-made costumes, she was a cow when she was 18 months old and when she was six her Grammy bought her a genuine Tinkerbell costume. Thankfully, she believes that half the fun of Halloween is the invention and creation of the costume.

I took a quick spin through the costume aisle at Target looking for ideas and I was horrified at what was being sold under the auspices of “tween” costumes.  Google it and see what you come up with.  It’s all racey, lace and short skirts.  No. A can-dancer?  Just NO!

Eventually she decided she wanted to be a mime (thank you French class).

Costume Parts:

A striped shirt – I had a purple and black striped turtle neck that wasn’t too big on her.

Black pants – Wardrobe staple of a 12 year old.

Red suspenders – Red Duck tape $4.50

White Gloves – $4

Beret – $8

White make-up – $4

Black eyeliner – $1.99

Red lip stick – I had some on hand.

Total cost $22

The most amazing thing was that she was actually silent for 2 plus hours 🙂



We are ready for Halloween Part 1 – The Jedi

My Little Jedi in costume.As I’ve mentioned previously, Halloween is a big deal ’round these parts. This year Mim wanted to be a Luke Skywalker.  I looked at buying a costume, but $35 for a piece of crap that likely wouldn’t last the month just doesn’t work for me.  Fish helped him find a picture of which iteration of Master Skywalker he wanted to emulate and I plotted a way to create it out of items we have or could acquire at a relatively low cost. It is important to note here that I am in no way, no how crafty.  Basically, I can use tape and operate a stapler.  This had to be easy.

Black jeans and a slightly oversized black shirt would provide the base.  For accessories, we needed a cape, boots, a belt and a light saber. The light saber was solved by an $8 purchase at the fair.  Fish was tasked with creating the boots and the belt out of duck tape and brown, paper grocery bags and some velcro.  For the cape, I went to Goodwill and bought a brown, mens, extra-large, hooded sweatshirt. The plan was to slice it right up the middle and use double sided tape to finish the edges, but Grammy stepped in and stitched the seams.

Light Saber $8

Gorilla Tape (couldn’t find Duck tape in Black) $8

Hoodie $10

Black Shirt $5

Boys black jeans $14

Total Cost $45

So, I actually spent $10 more than the pre-made costume, BUT, the jeans aren’t modified in any way, so he can wear those to school.  He needs to wear the costume at least 3 times (maybe 4) and I’m confident even with his rough and tumble ways the clothing will hold up.  The light saber, is iffy, but for the month of October, the light saber is ONLY for use with the Halloween costume.

He was pleased with the outcome and in the end, that’s truly all that matters.