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The Barracuda Grill Hamilton, Bermuda

Barracuda Grill SignOur trip to Bermuda was in part, a celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary. We traveled with friends who celebrated 19 years in August and the four of us wanted one night of excellent dining while in Bermuda. We researched this selection almost to death, but with the help of ChowHound and an excellent restaurant website, we decided on The Barracuda Grill in Hamilton.

The dining room at The Barracuda Grill in Hamilton, Bermuda*Sigh* my mouth waters just thinking about it. As much as possible, I wanted to eat local. Which, from a discussion on the ChowHound boards, I learned was hard to do in Bermuda restaurants. As an appetizer, I ordered the fish chowder finished with sherry pepper sauce. This recipe was featured in Bon Appetite and I could taste why. The soup was rich and flavorful, and the sherry pepper sauce complemented it well.

I had the poached wahoo (a fish local to Bermuda) for an entree. It was presented beautifully and the accompaniments didn’t over power the fish, but I wasn’t crazy about wahoo itself. It reminded me of swordfish which I can take or leave. I want to be clear that it was prepared well, this was just a personal preference.

Like the wahoo the loquat is local to Bermuda too (although the tree is native to China and Japan). The flavor is a mix of peach, citrus and mango. I tried the Barracuda martini which features loquat liqueur, with rum and apricot nectar and loquat foam. Yum. Just, YUM!

Dessert. Ah Dessert. On the advice of the manager Kevin, I selected the Peanut Butter Mousse. It was served with salted carmel, raspberry drop spheres and pretzel streusel and burnt marshmallow. Oh my, it was quite possibly one of the most amazing desserts I’ve ever had. It wasn’t super sweet, nor overly peanut flavored or salty. It was light and the accompaniments really enhanced the flavor. The raspberry spheres were a little odd in appearance and texture (o.k. they looked like blood clots), but they melded with the mousse to create a gourmet peanut butter and jelly taste. The marshmallow was homemade and closer to toasted than burnt. When mixed with the mousse, it reminded me of a lighter peanut butter and fluff mixture.

My fellow diners at The Barracuda Grill, Hamilton, BermudaThe service was attentive without being overbearing and Kevin the manager took time to talk with us about life as a Canadian ex-pat in Bermuda. Barracuda was a delightful experience that I would recommend to anyone considering a visit to Bermuda.

My words are my own and I have not been compensated in any way for this post.