How it all began

First, I was born.

No, really, I was.
39 some odd years later, I was working as an event manager for a human resources conference. The moderator for that conference was a gentleman from Texas named Mac Fulfer.

Mr. Fulfer is a “reformed” attorney (his words, not mine) and now works as a face reader. Face reading is the art and science of interpreting someone’s facial features to learn more about who they are and predict how they may behave. Mac first learned the skills to assist him with jury selection. He has perfected the art and now travels the country educating others (including the FBI) about face reading.

Mac is an affable man from Texas. While we were waiting for the speaker’s dinner to begin the night before the conference, he read my face. His description of me was spot on, almost frighteningly so. I was working, and I was distracted with making sure that the dinner ran smoothly, so I don’t remember everything he said, but a few things stuck. He said I was an impatient person (VERY true), but at the same time a perfectionist (also very true and something I’ve been trying to tame of late). It was a perfectly accurate description of me.

This is not my first blog, I have one related to my business interests, one where I rant and rave and one where I talk with my Dad who passed away in July of 2007.  My identity on those ranges from completely identified to completely anonymous.  Here, I plan to discuss my personal life including my family life with a husband and 2 kids.  A-Man isn’t nearly as out going as I am and my kids (Fish and Mim) are too young to understand the concept of privacy, so out of necessity, I blog semi-anonymously here to protect the innocent. Some of you know me and my family, I ask you to respect their privacy.
So, buckle your seat belts and let’s see where this takes us shall we?
Thanks for reading

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