Public Transit – Preschool Entertainment on the Cheap

Mim is in pre-school/daycare 3 days a week.  The mornings are a structured pre-school program and the afternoons include a rest (Mim doesn’t nap anymore), a snack and as much outdoor free play as the weather allows.  He loves it.

The other two week days are mostly devoted to domestic activities (for me) and free play (for him).  He’s equally as happy as home.   I on the other hand tend to get a little stir crazy with an active four year old bouncing off the walls. Last year, he took a gymnastics class, when I asked if he wanted to go back this year his answer was an emphatic NO! There are art and music classes offered locally, but none that jive with our schedule.

I’m always on the lookout for inexpensive, novel activities for us to undertake.  The nearest city to us recently expanded its public transportation offerings to include two trolleys that make a loop through the down town area and out to the local community college. BIG doin’s for a four year old little boy.

It took a grand total of 1/2 of an hour (excluding driving to the pick up point) and cost me $1.00 (he rode free).  He loved it and it gave us an opportunity to take in some of the local sites (banks, the Capitol building, police cars, fire trucks, there was just no end to the excitement).

I’m a huge proponent of public transportation.  I rode the T in Boston for 10 years before I got my license.  If we lived in an urban environment, I’d own a car, but ride public transit as much as possible, but alas, buses don’t run out in the sticks!

Most public transit systems aren’t as inexpensive as ours, but still you can’t beat $3.25 and a temperature controlled ride for some cheap fun.  Make sure to ride outside of rush hour to insure a relaxed experience.

All Aboard!!!


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