Stepping Away

Fish: “Momma, it’s kind of embarrassing, I mean, I’m in fourth grade, and it is kind of embarrassing that you have to meet me at the bus everyday.”

I knew it was coming, I just wasn’t sure when. Truth is, I thought she was ready, but didn’t want to push her before she thought she was ready.

You have to understand, the bus stop is the end of our driveway, but I can’t see the bus stop from the house. It takes us almost three minutes to walk down there in the morning. I’m not complaining, I’m just pointing out, that it isn’t right outside our front door.

In kindergarten and first grade, it is district policy not to let the kids off the bus unless there is an adult present. She wasn’t ready to walk by herself in second grade. Halfway through third grade I finally told the driver he could leave her if I wasn’t there, that someone was on their way (her little brother occasionally made me late). Now, she wants to walk up by herself. It has to happen. She has to take these steps towards independence and I have a feeling there will be many more coming very quickly in the next few months. I’m excited for her and I know she can do it. I am ready to let go, just a little sentimental about it.

Her: “So do you think that we could pick maybe one day a week when I can walk home by myself?”

Oh good, ready, but not running. That’s my girl.

Edited to Add:
This morning I asked if I was to meet her at the bus this afternoon. No, a few seconds passed “unless it rains”. Ah it is good to be useful :).


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