Finding My Bliss

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010

I knew I wanted to blog the first time I visited a blog.  Eventually, I knew I had gone as far as a solo event planner as I wanted to and it was time to move towards a career in freelance writing.  I thought I’d start in September of 2009, but it is amazing how much you can’t get done with an active five year old in the house.
So instead, this year is a building year.  Two of the three blogs that I want to write regularly, are up and running in their most basic form.  The third will have to wait awhile until I feel this blog and This New Hampshire Life are getting what they need from me with regards to regular posting and finding their audiences.
This weekend, I am heading to Nashville for The Blissdom Conference.  I attended last year and I’m really looking forward to attending again. The content was just amazing and I had such a good time meeting people. There were over 200 women and the facility was overwhelmed by all the attendees, this year, the organizers stepped things up a notch and we are going to Opryland Y’all!
As a recovering event planner, I completely understand what it takes to pull together an event of this caliber for 500 women.  Hats off to Allison Worthington and Barbara Jones for all their hard work.
I also want to extend my thanks to ConAgra foods and all the other sponsors.  As a family we are not a huge consumer of pre-packaged foods, but a quick peek at the ConAgra web site shows a few brands that inhabit my pantry including Hunts and Pam and Hebrew National (except I keep the hot dogs in the ‘fridge).
I made the switch to Hebrew National a few years back during the Mad Cow scare.  I like that beef is the first item in the ingredients list and water is the second.  With the remaining ingredients taking up less than 2% of the hot dog.  I’m not going to tell you that hot dogs are a healthy food, but in my opinion, Hebrew National is a healthier choice especially when dealing with two picky eaters.
Hebrew National is one of the few premium brands I purchase (we call them tube steaks), but I think in this case it is worth it. Some weeks, my five year old’s only sources of protein are American Cheese and Hebrew National hot dogs. Thanks to ConAgra for the coupon for the free package of hot dogs!
I’m looking forward to the trip as a learning experience, but also as a get away from day to day life. Along with the educational sessions, there are several official parties and many being run along side the conference.  I’m leaving my options open but as it stands now, I am looking forward to some quiet time in between the learning.   I’m looking forward to meeting new people, but and uninterrupted hour with my laptop sounds mighty appealing these days too. I’m also hoping to squeeze in some time to exercise.  That’s a lot to fit into 3 conference days!
Hopefully you’ll see the results of my attendance in this here space in the near future. In the mean time, I need to pack!

One thought on “Finding My Bliss

  1. I hope you had a great time! 🙂 It was wonderful to have lunch with you the first day! 🙂

    I personally didn’t find any quiet time except when I slept! Probably should have took some more down time…hopefully you had better success at that than me! 🙂


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