I Can Haz a Snowpocalypse PUHLEEZE

Have you heard?

A 9 foot Frosty and a 4 foot Santa (up to his shoulders in snow)
Chirstmas 2008
It’s going to snow AGAIN!
It’s going to snow A LOT again.
It’s going to snow a lot again, but NOT HERE!!
At least this storm is going to touch the Granite State. The Seacoast is slated to get 1 to 3 inches; Concord, should see a dusting to an inch, but anything North of the Lakes Region?  nothin’, zero, bubkus.
We’ve already established that I like snow.  The people in the Mid-Atlantic states, most of them, eh, they aren’t so keen on piles and piles of the white stuff. This morning I saw a Facebook update from a D.C. resident that mentioned “Snoverkill“. As an aside, I wonder if any entrepreneurial souls with snow plows have headed South to cash in on the White Gold rush? If so, I’d love to talk to you.
I like snow because lets face, it New England, winters are long and well, bleak. A new blanket of the white and sparkly stuff just freshens things up.  It hides the drab browns and grays and instead brings out the crystal blue and sharp white.
My kid in front of a snow mountain at least a foot taller than they are. Winter 2008
Snow Plow Mountain Winter 2008
When there is snow on the ground, we can get outside to slide, tube, ski or snowshoe.  Without snow, we are stuck inside, crawling the walls counting the days until spring. Yes, the ski areas are wise to Mother Nature’s game and have long perfected methods to keep the trails covered with man made snow, but real snow is just so much better. It is like margarine vs. butter.  Margarine will do in a pinch, but butter is soooo much better.
In day to day life, I function as a grown up.  I sometimes complain about the bad timing of a snow storm (or two), but the reality is, I’m a just an overgrown child who relishes in snow days. The year we had almost 120 inches of snow, I was in my glories, but like any authentic child, I grumped when school ran until June 29th.
The grown up understands it is the weather and you can’t change it.  The child goes to bed every night wishing for snow and this year, I am one disappointed kid

One thought on “I Can Haz a Snowpocalypse PUHLEEZE

  1. You know I love the snow, too. Though I'm struggling this winter since it's my first working outside the home (even very part time) in many years. It's been a challenge.


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