Windstorm 2010

Um, at the risk of annoying Mother Nature, I feel the need to point out that last week’s Wind/Rain storm was not the weather I requested.

*Sigh*  can you imagine if that rain had been snow ?!? Ok, in light of the 70mph winds, maybe that wouldn’t have been so cool, but oh to have THAT much snow. At the height of the outage, more than half of all New Hampshire homes were without power. This was the second largest weather related power outage in New Hampshire history. Second, only to the Ice Storm of 2008. As much as I love snow, I’m really glad we didn’t have to contend with freezing temeperatures this time around.

Governor Jon Lynch praised all the Electric utilies for their quick work restoring service and their imporved communication this time around. I love that I can now follow PSNH on Twitter or Facebook. My sincere thanks to all the utility crews who worked so hard to get everyone back on line.

I wrote a post about our storm adventure, but truly, it was fairly mild.  We were without power for a little over 36 hours, but we have a generator and that takes a lengthy power outage from unbearable to an inconvenience.

I’ve read reports and see photos of some outrageous damage, how did you fair?


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