Writing about why I haven’t been writing

Well the last week here in Skeeterville has been fun. I started a week ago Monday when I awoke at 4am to Mim vomiting IN HIS SLEEP. Clearly it had happened a few times and sleeps-like-a-rock mommy didn’t hear him. When I woke him to clean him up, first words out of his mouth? “Mom, Fish and I unlocked Carburetor Canyon On Mater Nationals.”

Um yeah buddy that’s great, but can mommy get the chunks of grilled cheese out of your hair please?

24 hours later, he was up and running, but I was down for the count with a Sinus headache and a clogged nose. When I’m sick, I can’t go above and beyond. I can really only handle the basics and even then, not that well. I thought this might be allergies, so I didn’t start Zicam soon enough. Thus, my mucus under pressure and the associated cold medicine haze lasted far longer than it should have.

Come Saturday, I was still pretty miserable, but it was a beautiful day, so I lazed on the sun porch while everyone else enjoyed the burst of spring. Fish and her dad went for a bike ride. When she came back, she complained of nausea. Despite her nick name, Fish does not drink much therefore, she is highly susceptible to dehydration. I gave her a Gatorade and told her to rest. Thankfully, she is old enough (and was awake enough) to make it to the bathroom when the Gatorade decided to make a return appearance. Oh thank you stomach bug for coming back to visit us once again and AGAIN via A-Man on Monday Morning during his bus ride to work!

Here is it Tuesday, and everyone is back on their feet. My head is only mildly clogged and I am left with the debris left over from a week of ignoring life.

There is much to write about, but little time and the cold medicine is impacting my ability to thread thoughts together.

There’s always tomorrow!


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