Thanks NHMS

The starting line at New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayNew Hampshire Motor Speedway gets my vote for the best community outreach program! Once a year, they open the track to locals for the Kohl’s Safe Kids 500. Kids and their parents are invited to bike, scooter or skate around the 1 mile oval track.

My Son on is heavy duty bright blue tricycleThis is the third year we’ve gone and it has become a much anticipated family tradition. My son especially enjoys this opportunity. As soon as the flyer comes home from school he memorizes the date. Anytime any day NEAR the date of “The Race” is mentioned, he reminds us solemnly that “The Race” is coming up. As if we could possibly forget or worse double book for that night. Yesterday he wore a frown of concern for most of the afternoon as the skies were cloudy and there were sporadic showers. I had heard a detailed forecast earlier in the day that predicted the skies would be clear by the time we were to leave, but even I kept my fingers crossed.

Heading into the tunnel the leads to the NHMS infieldI’m not a NASCAR fan. I’m not a hater, it’s just that cars driving around in a circle at ridiculous rates of speed does nothing for me. That said, even I get giddy as we drive on to the infield.

This is my son’s first year on a two wheeled bike. The first year, he had just mastered the tricycle and we chuckled as his chunky little legs struggled to make it around one time while he told us he was “faster than fast” and “quicker than quick” just like his hero Lightening McQueen. Last year he was still on the tricycle, but managed almost two and a half laps before running out of steam. This year on his new to him two wheeler, he was feelin’ the need for speed. On his second lap, he crashed and burned just after turn two, but after a Band Aid and a few kisses our racing pro was back tearing up the black top.

All in all, it was a great night, and one of us, is already counting the days until next year. Thanks NHMS!

My son on his two-wheeled bike on the straight away at NHMS


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