Well, hello there

Hey! How ahhh ya?

The sign as you enter Lemon Squeeze at Polar Caves, Mim in the slip and slide, Fish with Chocolate face and the Blue Lobster at Seacoast Science Center

We’ve been go-go-go all summer long. There was a ten day trip to Washington, D.C. a trip to The Cape to see family, and family came here for a visit. This on top of camps for the kids and weekends spent at the lake. I’m tired just thinking about it.

I didn’t mean to take the summer off from this blog, but that is how things worked out. Now that we’re back to the routine that fall brings, I am looking forward to writing more posts here on a regular basis. My hope is to really develop this blog into a thriving venture. Although at this point I’m still working on the specifics of what that looks like. You’ll know as I figure it out and by all means if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Moving on, fall seems to be making its presence known and after the brutal heat of this summer, I welcome fall with open arms. We have lots of family traditions that are tied to the fall. Halloween is a big deal in my husband’s family. We typically have a huge gathering over Columbus Day weekend, so my kids are already planning and plotting their costumes.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is election day. There are primaries being held for the Governor’s race as well as the U.S. Senate and numerous local races. New Hampshire allows voter registration on the day of the elections, so get out and vote!

Our family went to Chuckster’s in Chichester yesterday, I have some great pictures, so look for a recap later this week.

I’m back to writing and researching please stop by again soon!


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