Home Sweet Home

Small Town USAphoto © 2008 Sean | more info (via: Wylio)

I attended writer’s class over the weekend and in the course of a getting-to-know -you conversation, it came up that I was a transplant. My fellow attendee asked me how I like living here. I still surprise myself with the answer to that question, I love it.

I didn’t exactly come here kicking and screaming, but I wasn’t particularly excited either. In the almost 8 years we’ve been living in New Hampshire, I can honestly say I’ve grown to love the place. When we moved, my husband clearly thought this was a forever kind of thing. Me? I wasn’t so sure, but I was willing to give it a try.

After this most recent conversation I got to thinking about why I love it here. It all comes down to one thing. People. We live next door to my mother-in-law and her husband and the rest of my husband’s family is all within a 40 minute radius. They are close enough to help (and to need help), but they all have their own lives too.

Our town has an awesome sense of community. It took me a while get connected, but once my kids got into the schools, I met scads of people who share similar values and are passionate and fun loving. There are thriving service groups such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4H and even a Lions Club. We have an active seniors group who meet regularly and look out for each other.

We don’t always all see eye to eye, so our town meetings are lively but typically respectful. All is forgiven by the following Tuesday as we all gather for the annual DARE Pizza Night. It doesn’t matter if you have kids in the elementary school or not, DARE Pizza Night is a do-not-miss-event. Usually the event raises over $3,000 for the program.

We aren’t the only town with this kind of community in New Hampshire, but from what I can gather, we are in the minority. I’m glad to have found kindred souls, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you to those who live, work and volunteer to make this place such a great place to live.


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