The Dinner Olympics

Greek Blooger Camp Foodphoto © 2007 Stefanos Kofopoulos | more info (via: Wylio)
I got a wild hair across my tastebuds tonight and made a bunch of new things for dinner. First of all, can I just say I LOVE  I am actually a paid member (and I have the tote bags to prove it :)). I love the search by ingredients feature and I get a kick out of the reviews.

I had bananas long past their use by date and I love chocolate and peanut butter, so I made Craving Cookies. They are funky, but good.

I was supposed to make Greek Meat loaf (a variation on this recipe), but realized I only had about a tablespoon of Feta and that wasn’t going to cut it,  a quick search on turned up. Greek Lamb and Orzo YUM!! I sprinkled some of the feta I had on mine and added just a smidge of plain greek yogurt for a creamy, flavorful taste.

While we were in Disney last month we had roasted chick peas. Um, YUMMMMMMMMM! And they were easy to make too.  I think I may have just found my new favorite snack.

Lastly, while I was buying chickpeas to roast, I threw in two extra cans to make hummus and since I was on a roll tonight, I went there too. I thought 2 cloves of Garlic wasn’t enough, but I went overboard with 4. This made my husband laugh, because peeps, I LOOOVVVVVEEE me some garlic, but when you dice it, it gets stronger and 4 cloves was just too much. On the bright side, we aren’t in danger of being bitten by vampires. On the brighter side, A-man has some too, so at least I won’t scare him off.

Now for the truth in advertising.  I made spaghettin for the kids.  I asked them to try the roasted chick peas and neither liked then but for different reasons.  A-Man, wasn’t keen on them either which leaves more for me :). We both enjoyed the lamb and orzo dish. Everyone except Mim liked the cookies.  He might have eaten them if his sister hadn’t mentioned the reminded her of banana bread.

After all that, I’m exhausted, so I’m off in search of a glass of wine.

What is your favorite recipe site?


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