My kids running down towards a playground at the other end of the shopping center

I love this picture. The lighting is poor and it is blurry because they were moving and I took it with my phone, but still, it captures that joy that is my children.

We’d just finished dinner at a local diner and after a quick stop for new sneakers, for the men of the family, the kids were told we could visit the playground at the other end of the mall. They took off squealing.

They like each other. Yes they get on one another’s nerves, but generally, they like each other and play well together. I am blessed. I know it may not last, but I hope it does. This is the reason I wanted two kids.

Sorry to have been absent and a warm welcome to anyone visiting from Parenting New Hampshire. More to come soon!



One thought on “Joy

  1.  Maybe we need to learn from them and get more excited about things by squealing- and I mean the little everyday things.


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