three photos, Top Miss M discussing the rules, Middle Miss M demonstrating, bottom practicing puchesMim is going to try karate.  He is VERY excited about it.  I am excited too as I have heard many a parent of a wiggly little boy say that Karate is an excellent way to get the wiggles out all while teaching other important life skills.

My sister from a different mother has several black belts in karate and at one time ran a dojo with her (now ex) husband.  I emailed her a list of the programs in our area and asked her which she’d recommend.  There was a very clear winner. Once that was settled, I made an appointment for our initial visit.  This program offers two one-on-one sessions and two group classes free so they get a feel for your child and your child gets a feel for the program before you invest in a ghee and make the commitment.

Mim was his normal bouncy self as we waited for a class to end.  I completed the necessary paperwork (yep, I know he can get hurt, no, it won’t be your fault).  The form also asked what I wanted him to get out of the program.  Confidence? Uh no, he’s got that in spades. Physical fitness? Sure, but it is not my primary motivation.  Philosophy? Not so much at six and three quarters.  Discipline? BINGO!! Self control? Ding Ding Ding! Anything else? FOCUS! Please help me teach this child to focus on the task at hand.

Miss M was his instructor and bless her she was patient.  She worked with him for about 25 minutes teaching him horse stance, and a few blocks and kicks. She also discussed the No/No rule (no practicing your Karate moves on your friends at school and no practicing on your sister at home without permission). Lastly, she discussed respect.  The last was the hardest for Mim to get his head around.  He’s not a mean kid. He’s exuberant and energetic and he tramples through life in an effort to experience everything RIGHT NOW!

The conversation went something like this;

Miss M: “At the dojo, you call me Ma’am and Mr. H Sir, ok?”

Mim: “Yeah”

Miss M: “Yes Ma’am?”

Mim (not looking her in the eye and wiggling): “Okay”

Miss M (gently guiding his attention back to her): “Yes Ma’am”

Mim (finally getting it):“Yes Ma’am.”

I chewed on my lips trying not to laugh.  This is classic Mim. Completely oblivious to what you are trying to tell him. This exchange was repeated several times throughout the time we were there.

At the end of his time with Miss M, he was still super excited and really looking forward to coming back. I guess the respect conversation sort of got through, because as we were leaving, I wanted him to say thank you, to Miss M, but instead he said “Yes Ma’am”.  She and I both laughed.

It will be interesting!




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