Mim Gets His Wheels

Three photos of Mim on his bike with his instructor Jeff running along side.“Gimmie some wheels if I can’t have wings.” – Suzy Boggus

Mim learned to ride a two wheeler last week. Special thanks go to Jeff and the crew at Pediatric Physical Therapy, Inc. Yes, I paid someone to teach my son how to ride a bike.

Fish is quiet, but gutsy. Her ski instructor named her “White Lightening” in honor of her lust for throwing herself down a mountain at full speed. Mim is outgoing, but fearful of trying new things. I’m impatient. I work hard not to force him to do things he can’t do, but I also push him to work through his fears. I do it because I know he can do these things and because when he does push through, his smile could power New York City for a week.

When it came to teaching him to ride a two wheeler, he had multiple willing instructors, me, his dad, his sister and his awesome Auntie Jennie. No go. He’d freeze, his body would go stiff and he’d topple. He’d beg for his training wheels.

When I got wind of bike camp, I was all about signing him up, but only if he was willing. His Dad and I talked to him about it and made the offer to send him. He said yes. We told him he didn’t HAVE to go, but that if he wanted to learn to ride, we’d send him. We also told him that if he did go, we expected him to give it his all. He said yes.

He was nervous, but with Jeff’s help and the help of the other volunteers, he worked through it and by the end of day two, he was riding independently.

YAY MIM!! I am so proud of you, but more importantly, you are proud of yourself.


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