Updates from home

Fish is a Girl Scout Camp for the next two weeks. This is my first email to her. Yes, EMAIL! My how times have changed.  The camp offers this service where you buy tokens and can send email messages to your camper.  It is a one way service, so I wait by the mailbox for her letters detailing her adventures.

Dear Fish,

I hope you are having a great time. I’m betting even you got to sleep later than I did this morning.

My loyal sentry, Dory, a 1yr. old Collie
My loyal sentry

Dory started whining at 6am. I sat up, one eye open and realized she was losing a staring match with Winnie. I told them both to knock it off and tried to get back to sleep. Dory would have none of that, so I got up and let her out. I stumbled back to bed and once again tried to get back to sleep. Within a few minutes, Dory ended up on the front porch barking her head off. It wasn’t a bark I’d heard before, she didn’t sound hurt, but she sounded angry. So I went BACK downstairs to check on her. I didn’t see anything unusual, and just wanted her to stop barking, so I made her come in and come back upstairs with me. I did manage to get back to sleep but then the cat had the nerve to move and Dory started whining again. By then it was 7, so I just got up. I went downstairs, let Dory out and started my tea. Almost immediately, Dory started barking again. The next two hours were a back and forth of me letting Dory out and her barking at something towards the driveway and me letting her back in again and so on and so on. I kept thinking whatever was in the woods would move on.

On one of my trips to scold the dog, I looked out the door at the end of the hall and saw something in the driveway. My first thought was a turtle, but if it was a turtle it was one honkin’ turtle!

The back of my son's booster seat in the middle of the driveway
The serious threat to my security

I put on my flip flops and went outside to investigate leaving Dory in the house. No, it wasn’t a turtle, it wasn’t even alive. It was the back to Mim’s booster seat!!! I brought it inside and showed it to her, then sent her back outside and she hasn’t made a peep since!

I hope you are having a great time at camp. We miss you!





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