Thankful . . .

    Me and my man on our wedding day

    …for a wonderful man who walks beside me in this world, who won’t let me take myself too seriously, who provides so I can follow my dreams, who helps me raise these two beautiful children we created together.

    My kids making silly faces.…for my children who challenge me and make want to be my best, who giggle unabashedly and love unconditionally, who make me proud to be their mother.

    … for friends who love me for who I am, warts and all, who help when I ask and even when I don’t (but I should), who call bullshit when necessary, and encourage me always. (NOTE: No photo because I am blessed with so many friends all of their  photos wouldn’t fit on this page).

    … for family, related by genetics or by choice, who show me from where I came and who collectively, share the experiences that make me who I am. (Again no photo because I am blessed to call many people family).

My husband, my kids, my friends and my family, those are the big ones, if I lost everything else tomorrow, so long as I had them, I would survive.

I am thankful for a host of other things that make my life more pleasant, including:

    my camera and Shutterfly to capture the memories and remind me of the experiences that I cherish

    my Kindle to enlarge the print of all the marvelous publications that fire my imagination and feed my quest for knowledge.

    my computer, my Internet connection and all that comes with it, this blog and the other I read faithfully, Facebook (even if it is a love/hate relationship), Twitter, and DamnYouAutoCorrect


Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. to Dennis, even though the smell of turnips, hell even the thought of turnips makes me gag, some how it just isn’t Thanksgiving with out at least the THREAT of turnips appearing on the table. Miss you.


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