He Spoils Me

I am an audiophile of epic proportions and A-Man (bless him) is my enabler. If I never saw another TV show, it would be sad, but I’d live. If I never heard music again, that would be the death of me.

The Top of A-Man's dresser including a tuner, a multi-disc CD player and one of the speakers. There a ball cap strategically positioned to block the display of the tuner. I have an iPod and my car came with a great sound system.There are audio sources in the rooms of the house where I spend the most time. The most recent addition is The SqueezeBox Touch WiFi music player. It connects to our wireless network and plays local radio stations (no static whoo hoo!). Pandora (requires a subscription) and Sirius/XM. It will also access play lists from iTunes, but will not play any songs in Apple’s proprietary AAC format (a rant for another post for sure *makes angry eyes at Apple and the RIAA*).

The favorites screen on the SqueezeBoxLogitech makes stand alone WiFi Music players, but this one is a component to an existing stereo system in our bedroom. Set up seemed to go fairly quickly and using it is a snap. This model is a touch screen (it also comes with a remote). I can also manage it from any of the computers on the network. For the most part, I set up my favorites and then use about three different selections depending on the time of day, radio in the morning, upbeat country or rock during the day and mellow at night. One of the best features (and the one A-man spent the most time researching) is the dimming. The SqueezeBox Touch will go dark after about 30 seconds so we can avoid the addition of another ball cap (in the photo above, the ball cap blocks out the light from the display on the tuner).

Do you require silence to sleep? Do you prefer music of just white noise?


I am a happy camper when it comes to the Logitech SqueezeBox Touch. These opinions are my own and I was in no way compensated for this post.



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