The Honey Health Bread Crusade – An Update

For the first part of the story please see this post.

Well! That was fast. In my last post I mentioned I sent a letter to the former owner of Hanley’s asking for guidance. His wife called me they day they received the letter. Cheyenne and I had a lovely conversation about small business, brambles, buffalo, indian powwows and of course Honey Health Bread. Her husband has had some medical issues since his retirement, but I could hear him in the background chiming in occasionally with bits of information.

Bob's Red Mill Graham Flour and Eden Barley Malt SyrupHe couldn’t remember the recipe exactly and she couldn’t put her hands on it, but they both knew there was no rye flour. He said there was no molasses, but she thought there might have been some. He remembered a syrup, but couldn’t remember what kind. There was whole wheat flour, but it was graham flour, a courser grind of whole wheat flour (and also the kind of flour used to make Graham Crackers). The both reminded me that it was a very wet dough, which makes sense given the moist open crumb.

Cheyenne said she’d look for the recipe for me, but she’s busy and I’m impatient. I’ve acquired some Graham Flour and some Barley malt syrup and am going to set about creating a recipe for Honey Health Bread. Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “The Honey Health Bread Crusade – An Update

  1. I grew up in Belmont MA and Ohlin’s Bakery sells “Honey Health Bread” that was/is just like what you describe here. I live in Utah now and every time I travel to Boston for business, I drive out to Belmont to pick up a loaf.

    Any luck with the recipe?


    1. No and now that my daughter has been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, I’ll be more focused on preparing foods she can eat.  I’ll find a recipe for this someday, but just not anytime soon 🙂


  2. Oh my!! I have been looking for a recipe for this bread since they closed. I talked to the owner of the Real Deal who said he did not purchase the recipe. I grew up in Roslindale and we went every week for our honey health bread and we were always given a sugar cookie by the nice ladies behind the counter. Even after growing up and leaving the Boston area, I would still drive to West Roxbury for the bread. Was so sad that they closed. So happy you talked to the owners- now I have my fingers crossed that they will find the recipe for you! Please post if that happens and thanks! I will be driving to Belmont soon to see if Ohlin’s can compare!


  3. I grew up in WR and loved Hanley’s honey health bread as I go t older I would buy 3 or 4 loaves at a time , hope you get the recipe and post it


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