Who Will Save The Sing Off?

Dear NBC,

When you cancelled The Sing Off, you cancelled one of the best reality shows on TV. Certainly one of the best shows on your network.

I did my part. I watched faithfully all three seasons. I shouted from the treetops about how awesome the show was. Between the kids and I we purchased no less than thirty of the tracks available on iTunes and grumped about the ones not made available (Nicole Sherzinger and Jerry Lawson’s duet from Season two). I liked my favorite groups on Facebook and followed them on Twitter. I JUMPED at the chance to see season three groups perform live. What more could I have done to show you I cared?

Right on the heels on the cancellation announcement, you announced the acquisition of a new singing show from the producer of The Voice. Meh, who cares. It wasn’t the competition that compelled me to watch. It was the talent and the reasonable panel of judges. I have enough stress and drama in my day to day life. I don’t need it in my entertainment. The Sing Off was a show I could sit down and enjoy with my kids. Shows like that are few and far between these days.

My first reaction to the news was shock, followed quickly by anger. I signed the petition in support of bringing the show back, but with the announcement of the replacement, I knew it was a done deal. So to NBC I say ~@#$%!!!!


Lee Laughlin

So, *dusts off hands* now that NBC has released The Sing Off, who is going to pick it up? C’mon, this isn’t unheard of, there are shows that have struggled on the broadcast networks who have thrived in the land of cable. What about MTV? You know MUSIC Television? Maybe CMT? How about USA Network? TNT?


Mama needs her a cappella fix.


2 thoughts on “Who Will Save The Sing Off?

  1. I agree!!!! NBC has horrible management and they have no good TV shows on there network anymore!! The sing-off was the one and only compitition show that i enjoyed watching!!! Someone has to pick it up because if not it will be missed by alot of people!!!


  2. Yep, years ago someone was stupid enough to cancel, “I Dream Of Jeannie”. That will now go down as the second dumbest TV cancellation of all time. Canceling “The Sing-Off” was even more stupider, dumberer-est. 


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