Mim & His Sensei, Football from Fish, Drawing race tracks, Getting ready to bounce, Riding NHMS, Mater MaskDear Mim,

Today we celebrate your 8th birthday with your friends. On the day you actually turned eight (three weeks ago), we started off the day at karate where with cupcakes for you and Mr. H. Jr. Pretty cool that your sensei’s birthday is the same day as yours!! Later that day you chose the 99 Restaurant for your birthday dinner. This time of year is always crazy busy as we wrap up school and scouts. I didn’t get a chance to write a post for you on your birthday. That doesn’t mean your birthday isn’t one of the most important days of the year to me. Although the delay wasn’t intentional, I was secretly pleased when you asked if I was going to write a blog post for you.

Seven was a good year for you. You worked hard at karate, participating in a tournament and moving up 5 belt ranks. As we close out your first year, Mr. H. has decided you may be ready to move up to the Dragon Warrior level. He has challenged you to control your body and focus during classes and you have been making an good effort to meet that challenge.

Second grade was a good year for you. Mrs. C was supportive and we identified some issues around focus an attention that are impacting your writing and we have taken steps to address some of the challenges. You’ve grown socially too. Mrs. P. commented on how much your playground behavior has improved.

You had a great year with Boy Scouts. You completed all the requirements for the Wolves and have moved on to being a Bear. Your smile and energy was a huge asset while selling popcorn. You worked with Dad and created a Pinewood Derby car you could be proud of and soon you’ll be going to overnight camp with your pack!

This year you tested your wings a little. Mom and Dad were gone for a week celebrating their anniversary and you stay at home with Grammy & Grandpa and then five months later, you spent a week in Florida with Grammy and Grandpa. The story goes that you literally fell asleep in your dinner one night, but you most definitely had a great time and were on your best behavior.

Lightening McQueen is still a favorite, but all things sports (especially football) have held your attention as well. The Patriots made the SuperBowl we even stayed up to watch the first half (too bad they lost). If I can’t find you, I look for the iPad. If I can’t find the iPad, I know you are off in a corner reading. This happens frequently.

You are still a morning person. Some mornings, you wake up a little earlier and come down to snuggle with me on the couch. You read while I journal and then we get into the morning routine. You weren’t much of a snuggler as a baby, but you’ve come to it later in life and I LOVE it.

You are full of energy, exuberance and questions. You’ve made great strides socially. You are starting to understand that there are times when focus and sitting still are important. Those are not easy tasks for you, but you are rising to the challenge and making an effort.

I have a feeling 8 is going to be big year for you. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Happy Birthday!




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