Time Flies

We recently went to let the chicks have some time outside pecking at the ground and enjoying the fresh air. The only problem was somebody had sprinkled our flock with grow dust. Overnight it seemed they’d doubled in size! We moved a few of them outside and quickly realized this wasn’t going to work as they’d grown enough to fly out of the fenced in pen we’d used in the past.  We quickly rounded up the supplies we needed to move them to their permanent home. Finally, it was moving day!

Just like the commercial airlines, we packed them in a tote like sardines. We made sure to bring the food bag, and then it was just a short limo ride next door and we released them into their permanent Casa De Poultry. It didn’t take long for them to ahem, make themselves at home.

Three photos, 24 chicks in a rubbermaid tote, the tote in the back seat of my car and chicken poop in the wood shavings.

They hung out inside for a few days while A-man made their run predator proof (or as close as he could get). When the day came to open the door and let them roam, there was some trepidation on their part. Three of them stood in the door way and peeked out, then looked at each other and the rest of the flock and back outside. The conversation seem to something along the lines of

“After you.”

“No, after you.”

“Oh no, I insist, after you.”

Eventually they all made it outside and decided things were acceptable. We’re letting them get use to their new surroundings and grow enough to stand their ground with the dogs. Once their a little bigger, we’ll let them free range and see how everyone adjusts to that. In the mean time, their living the good life!

We go back at night to make sure everyone made it inside before the chicken door closed and without fail, they are inside, snuggled up and sharing pillow talk by about 8pm. They are sound sleepers too, if we go in to fill food or refresh water, no one makes a peep (literally).

So far so good!!

A few chicks like to sleep on the cross beam of the knee wall, but most are huddled in the corner softly peeping.


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