Last Lunch

Fish went to an overnight camp recently. She was a little nervous, but mostly excited. This is her third year going to camp so she really knew what to expect.

One of the things she expected was the food. It’s, well, it’s camp food. She’s been to this camp before, so she was looking forward to the spaghetti and maybe hot dogs, oh and breakfast was usually pretty good. Other than that, well, it’s camp food ya know?

I offered to take her out to lunch before I dropped her off and she chose Boloco. Not a bad choice, but then I reminded her about the clam shack not too far from camp. Now we’re talkin’!!

So, what’s on the menu for the last lunch before camp? I’m glad you asked! Steamed Maine clams, lemonade and carmel, chocolate peanut butter cookie dough ice cream. Hopefully those memories lasted her the week!

Fish barely tolerating me taking a picture of her eating her steamers.  STEAMED CLAMS, Fish enjoying her chocolate, carmel peanut butter cookie dough ice cream




2 thoughts on “Last Lunch

  1. Hooray! What’s that place called again and do you remember what I *thought* it was called?? LOL! Glad you went, it’s a little oasis of New England deliciocity!


    1. It was awesome.  It’s called the High Tide.  Off the top of my  head I can’t remember what the misnomer was, but Fish remembers (she said it to me). 


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