Learning As I Go

A-Man gifted me with a fantastic DSLR camera the Christmas before last. I’ve taken some great photos with it, but most of those have been luck combined with the camera’s automatic settings. I decided it was time to learn how to get the shots I wanted rather than snapping 100 pictures in search of the one good one.

Understanding Exposure on my iPad resting upon my binder of notesI’m reading Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. I like the book at times it’s very beginner and at other times, I feel like I walked in the middle of a topic. However, I suspect that is my non-numeric brain more than Peterson. I can’t remember a time since I finished college where I actually took notes while reading a book. The relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO is taking a while to sink into my head, but I’m really enjoying the process. there is nothing quite like the thrill of snapping a shot and realizing it came out exactly as you intended.


A sand pail with walking down a beach in the background



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