My Dad and I. Photo Credit David Ryan http://www.jdryan3.com/I once thought 46 was “old”. I don’t anymore.

I don’t feel old. Ok, so I need more sleep than I used to, and I can’t burn through calories like I used to, but I don’t FEEL old. My tolerance for B.S. is significantly lower than it used to be but at the same time my level of acceptance that many things are beyond my control is much higher. I’m more able to let go of the stuff that just doesn’t serve me. I still get irked about stuff, but I’m much better and stepping back and saying, “this isn’t my bag, I’m not carrying it.”

I’m almost 10 pounds lighter than I was last year.

I can jog for five minutes without feeling like I’m going to die. Then I can walk for a minute and a half and jog for another five. Walk again and jog (slower this time) for yet another five minutes. Some days, it’s a slog, but it’s more than I could do five weeks ago (thanks Cammy).

I’m writing and actually getting paid for it. I’d like to write more and get paid more, but I’m optimistic that will come.

The wayward cows and sheepI’m not so cynical that the unexpected doesn’t phase me. Yesterday a neighbor posted to Faceboook asking if anyone local had lost four cows and three sheep. It was a legitimate question, not a prank. It’s moments like these that make me come up short. Dear Lord I live in the country. How on earth did I get here? Of us four college roommates, I was headed to live in the city. Probably not it an high-rise, but definitely not on a dirt road in a town where people raise cows (that was going to be Melissa) and definitely NOT a mother to thirty chickens (Melissa again) and yet here I am.

Husband & crazy kidsLife is crazy hectic. There is my husband who commutes three hours a day and travels semi-regularly, and kids who are active in karate and scouts. There is homework, work, volunteer commitments, family and friends.

But, life, it is good.

My marriage is strong, my kids are healthy and awesome (I’m not biased at all). I’m blessed with strong family ties and wonderful friendships (too many to name). We live in amazing town filled with good people (again too many to name).

Is it perfect? Nope. Never will be either, but I’m grateful for all that I have been blessed with.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my village.

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