The Tides The Are A Changin’

… with all due respect to Bob Dylan.

For the past two weeks I have been light and airy. Motivated to exercise and eat well. My kids have been their normal selves and when the dust kicks up, I’ve been able to deal with it.
Oh, and let’s just say my husband has found the last seven days or so to be to his liking too.
No more.  In the language of two year olds “All Done.”
Without even looking at a calendar I can tell you I’m on the down side, headed towards the Red River.
There are the two rocks sitting at the base of my spine, within 5 days they’ll feel like oranges. There is my short temper. I’m annoyed by people talking (not even to me).  Oh and then there is the craving for sugar and salt. Oh those dark chocolate covered potato chips just hit the spot.
I have polycystic ovarian syndrome.  Time was it would 3 months in between my periods, but ever since the birth of my second child and the subsequent remove of a cyst from my ovary, BOOM! My cycles have been like clock work and the PMS has been equally as predictable.
I can control the pain with Motrin, but I can’t seem to control the crankiness. Please don’t suggest The Pill, been there done that with disastrous results.  I’ve been exercising more regularly and I’m going to TRY and keep that up this month.  My doctor says soy, might help, but I have a hard time with soy.  It makes me want to gag.
I’m of the age were peri-menopause is on the horizon and my biggest fear is that when my hormones burn themselves out that I will be stuck with permanent PMS.
Oh well, it’s time for a big glass of water and maybe a little TV.

One thought on “The Tides The Are A Changin’

  1. OMGosh, I am only 33 and in peri-menopause. I can FEEL my hormones raging. I have never felt anything like this in my life! My Gram was all finished by 36…and they tested my thyroid to make sure I am ok. Then they did a series of 5 hormone tests…and ta-da! Peri-menopause is now my “friend”. My doc said to start the pill, but I dont want to (for many reasons) so they told me to start with some B-6 and magnesium to help regulate things. I pray it helps.


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