Summer’s over

This year more than others, I’m really noticing the end of summer.  Thus my documentation of the subject here.

I looked down the other day and realized that indeed summer was over.  The polish on my toes was in serious need of removal.

I’m not a girly girl by ANY stretch, but I likes me some painted toes in the summertime.  I’m so fair skinned, I enjoy the contrast of bright or dark colors.  I don’t have time for a real pedicure, so I just do the polish myself.   I can usually sneak a coat or two in between emails or phone calls while I’m in my office working (note, I work from home so I’m not asphyxiatingiating my co-workers). I am pretty good about staying on top of chips and growth but clearly I’ve fallen behind.  No touch up would save these toes.  It was going to have to be a complete removal and re-polish.  Ahh, but what’s the point, I probably only have another two to three weeks in sandals tops.

This morning, I broke out the polish remove and did away with the “Back to the Fuchsia”.  I was all set to go O’natural for the rest of sandal season, but then I looked closely at the poor piggies.  Seems summer wasn’t quite ready to go.  “Back to the Fuchsia” had left behind a light tint that even straight acetone wouldn’t remove. So I whipped out “Made You Blush” just to get me through the next few weeks.
Don’t look too close M’kay?

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