Friday Randomness

Last night was our annual trip to the fair. I love the fair, mostly for the food, but the crafts and the animals are fun too. But oh, the food. Last night I had three home made pierogies. 1/2 of a sweet Italian sausage with onions and peppers, a sixteen ounce old fashioned root beer, 1/3 of a funnel cake and 2 pieces of chocolate fudge. I resisted the gigantic donuts and the cider donuts. The only thing I didn’t see that I was looking for was chocolate covered bacon. Based on Twitter conversations, it is all the rage. Maybe next year.

This week’s episode of CSI New York really annoyed me. Yes, yes, I know it is TV, it is fake, but the whole technology is evil plot was annoying. Are any of the things that happened on that show possible? Yes, most definitely, but it wouldn’t be easy. Is it possible that one person could hack ALL of those systems and time things perfectly? No way! Yet, I’m sure there are some who watched that show who will never trust a GPS again. Grrr

On my walk this morning, I turned the iPod off when I started heading for home. I just walked and listened to the sounds around me. My mind drifted (as it is oh so wanton to do), but I just took a deep breath and studied the bright red leaves. It was nice. Think I might do that more often.

Towards the end of the walk, I encountered two kids waiting for the bus. I said “Morning” and they returned the greeting. Just after I was out of sight of their driveway, the little boy yelled “MORNING!”, I could hear his sister shhshing him, so I yelled back. He replied and I decided to add a twist and shouted “MARCO!”. I could hear him giggle. “POLO!” came the reply. We kept this up for the better part of a quarter mile. It was fun.

And so dear reader, those are the random thoughts occupying my mind on this fall morning. Later, I hope to have a post about a life threatening issue people with albinism living in East Africa are facing.



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