Grilled Pizza ala Concord Monitor

It’s old news that the newspaper industry is struggling but the big news this week was the State of New Hampshire backing a line of credit for the Eagle Times of Claremont. (Note: I would like to have used a link from an NH entity, but was unable to locate one).

I am a subscriber to the Concord Monitor.  I don’t read it every day, but I don’t recycle it without reading it either.  I can do this because I don’t subscribe to the Monitor for world or national news, that information I get online via Google and  I subscribe to The Monitor for the local news, for the list of community events and even local advertisers and local writers.

Case in point, Robin Broadbent and Suzanne Ellinwood contribute to the Concord Monitor Food section as the FruGals (you can read their blog at  Over the summer they wrote a column in The Montior about grilled pizza.  When I first read it, I thought it was a little wacky, but sometimes the trick to getting kids to eat something is turning a regular menu item on it’s ear.  The kids LOVE pizza and by making it at home, I can limit unnecessary additives and get the kids involved in the cooking process. A win/win no?

The first time I made the recipe, I followed their instructions and purchased pre-made pizza dough (whole wheat for me, white for the kids).  The project was a moderate success.  They ate it, but I thought the crust didn’t have a whole lot of flavor.

More recently, I used this dough recipe I substituted 1 cup of whole-wheat pastry flour for 1 cup of the white flour and I added 4 teaspoons of Wheat Gluten.  My daughter and I rolled out the dough and I cooked in on the grill.  The crust is thin, but has a nice flavor without being over powering and the recipe made enough for 3 pizzas which fed 3 of us for 2 meals (my youngest pulled a Mr. Picky Pants and had a jelly sandwich for lunch, eh you can’t win ‘em all).

I know some folks have put away their grills for the season, but we grill year round.  Try it now or bookmark it for next summer. My next task is to identify some different pizza toppings.  What is your favorite pizza topping?


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