Grilled Pizza

Yes, you read that correctly. GRILLED pizza. Over the summer I read this recipe, I thought it was a little odd, but worth giving a try. Pizza is a popular meal in our house.

My first shot out of the gate, I used store-bought, pre-made dough and was less than impressed. This time, I asked for dough recipe recommendations on Twitter and got this recipe. I substituted 1 cup of whole wheat pastry flour for 1 cup of the white flour and I added 4 teaspoons of Wheat Gluten to add protein and make the dough more flexible. I used this recipe for pizza sauce. I thought the sauce would be too watery, but it tasted great. Overall the meal was a huge success with 3 out of 4 diners giving it a thumbs up. The fourth diner only has eyes for the pizza from our local shop; so I knew he’d be a hard sell from the get go.

The dough recipe made enough for 3 pizzas (the size of a rectangular cookie sheet). The three of us devoured one and half last night and finished the rest off for lunch today (before I could even snap pictures).

We grill all year round, so I’ll definitely be cycling this one through my dinner menus on a regular basis. I just need a few new ideas for pizza toppings. Suggestions welcome.


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