New Hampshire Apples Aren’t Only for Eating

Image Courtesy of Apple Computer © Apple Computer
The Apple Store front at The Mall At Rockingham Park ©Apple Computer

I’m a Mac user. Have been since the dark ages of the ‘80’s.  I spent about 15 years of my life, providing technical support as a professional and I learned a few things, computers break, sometimes due to user error and sometimes just because and, good customer service goes a long way.

I recently needed repairs to both my MacBook Pro and our family iMac.  The issues fell squarely into the “just because” category.  I have AppleCare (Apple’s extended warranty program) on both machines.  The initial call was great.  The tech was a native English speaker and he treated me like I had a brain in my head.  Both repairs required in person assistance.  I could either wait for boxes and mail the machines back or take them to the Apple Store at The Mall At Rockingham Park.  There was a third option of a local authorized repair shop and normally, I would go out of my way to support a local business, but I suspected that one of the issues was caused by them and I knew from experience that they were very busy and I didn’t want to be without either machine if I could avoid it.  By going to Salem, I ran the risk of having to make a return trip to pickup one of the machines, but that was a slim chance.

I opted for the drive.  If I’d wanted to, I could have had same day appointments, but my preference was the next day and it was easily accommodated.

Getting to Salem mid-day wasn’t too much of a challenge. Although if there is a recession going on, you would NEVER have known it by the parking lot at the mall!  The only downside is that the Apple Store is located on the first floor a fair distance from any outside entrance.  I have a backpack for the laptop and I hauled the iMac plodding along with the little boy who is easily distracted and at this time of year, there are MANY distractions at a shopping mall.

Upon reaching the Apple Store, I was immediately relieved of the iMac and shown to the Genius Bar.  They confirmed my appointments and I only waited 2 minutes before someone was available to help me.  He took the laptop first and succeeded in reinstalling my V key (I tried every which way and could not get that sucker to stay put). Job finished well with in the scheduled appointment time. Next up was the iMac.  I suspected this was a simple fix.  The built in camera wasn’t working and I suspected it had been disconnected during the previously mentioned repair.

I brought distraction for Mim, but he’s 5, so nothing lasts all that long.  Clearly, I’m not the only parent to bring a child with them to the Genius Bar, because there were a pair of iMacs loaded with kids software less than two feet away.  Crisis averted.

The tech returned confirming my suspicions and the second problem was also solved well within the appointment window.  Oh, and did I want to pick my iMac up at the back door or carry it back through the mall?  There’s a back door?  Sweet.

Mim, wanted a few more minutes at the computer and well, I wanted to ogle the new hardware, otherwise we would have been in and out in half an hour.

It is easy to complain when companies get it wrong, and believe me, Apple is no stranger to getting it wrong, but it is important to point out when companies get it right. The Apple Store at the Mall At Rockingham park got computer repair right for me.


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