Hey, Have You Heard From Frank Lately?

So, have you heard from Frank Lately?

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I usually hear from Frank, at least once a day especially when I’m in the car. My husband though Frank was the best. I have friends who couldn’t wait to visit New Hampshire to hear Frank.  Yesterday I found out something is wrong with Frank.  He just kept saying the same things over and over.  It made me sad.

You know Frank right? 99 and 104.9 Frank FM New Hampshire’s #1 Classic Rock. Well, it seems Frank has moved, headed South. He can now be found at 106.3 FM and according to his repeated mutterings at 99 on the FM dial, he’s now serving Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.   Sigh.

I’m nosey, so I did a little digging and I found this press release from Nassau Broadcasting,  Frank’s former owner (note the word FORMER).  It seems that his home at 99 and 104.9 has been “acquired” by Great Eastern Radio, LLC.

Even more research shows that Frank gets around he’s in Vermont, Maine and Southeastern Massachusetts too. All of these Radio stations are owned by Nassau Broadcasting who provides the single format across multiple stations.  Typically, there are live personalities on in the morning and during afternoon drive (3-7pm).  Other times of day can be run “jockless”, remotely with the help of computers and satellites. All in the name of cost cutting I suppose.

I tried to contact Great Eastern Radio, LLC, to find out who (or what) would be replacing Frank at 99 and 104.9, but I can’t find a listing for the parent company only it’s local radio stations and I got stuck in voice mail jail when I tried to speak with a human.

So as the saying goes, stay tuned dear readers, stay tuned.


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