Pierced Ears

I was around 12 when I got my ears pierced. My mom wasn’t ready for this grown up step, but I was fortunate to have an aunt and older cousin go to bat for me.

My daughter has a similar advocate in Auntie. I’m an only child, and while I have chosen close friends that my kids call Aunt, I have no biological siblings. My husband has a sister who lives nearby and since my daughter was 7 she’s be pushing to take Fish to get her ears pierced. Her Dad and I both said no. Fish needed to be responsible for mandatory personal hygiene (i.e. brushing her teeth and her hair) before she could take on any additional challenges.

She has mastered those responsibilties and more so we decided that the time had come. I emailed Auntie after Thanksgiving and let her know she could take Fish to get her ears peirced for Christmas. She was psyched.

We celebrated Christmas Eve at Aunties house. Here’s a revelation of the gift.

If the mall was open Christmas Day, Fish would have had her Aunt there. As it was, she had to wait TWO whole days.

Auntie came and got her and off they went. I wasn’t invited and despite pangs of emotion, I was ok with that. I really believe that kids need all kinds of influences in their lives. My Sister-in-law and I have different parenting philosophies, but she has always been respectful of my rules and I think her perspective makes me a better parent. Besides, she spoils my kids rotten (think ice cream for breakfast).

Not 20 minutes later, the phone rang. Auntie had been honest and said she was an Aunt, not a mom and the ear piercing place required parental permission. I’d sent a note saying I approved, but it wasn’t enough, my presence was required. SQUEE!

When I got to the mall, I offered to sign the form and leave, if that was what Fish wanted, but she was quick to say I could stay.

I have to say as happy as I was to bear witness to this rite of passage in my daughter’s life, there are just too many freaking lawyers in this world. I had to sign my name three times to carbonless form, filled to the margins with teeny tiny type (on both sides).

I would have really preferred this stay between Fish and Auntie, but I was glad to be there. Fish was awesome. She picked silver Daisies with a blue stone in the middle and despite a good case of nerves, she never screamed or cried. Auntie helped her stay relaxed by cracking jokes and snapping pictures. The tech was decent and in two flashes, the deed was done. She was so excited.

She’s done a great job keeping her lobes clean and we’ve even been able to change the earrings a few times. *sigh* She is growing up.

The tech piercing her ears, The results and the 100 watt smile


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