Finding our Voice

My mother grew up in Massachusetts, so as a kid New England was just a place to visit family. I hadn’t planned on leaving the mid-Atlantic. I was going to go to Penn State, but a spring time visit to Boston College, put a quick end to that plan. I can’t explain it, I just felt so at home. I moved to New England in the fall of 1986 and I’ve lived here ever since. (I don’t count the one hellacious two and a half month stint back in Pennsylvania immediately after college when I was desperately trying to land a job so I could move back “home”.)

There really is something special about living here. Obviously others have strong feelings for their home regions too. Take for example Tim McGraw’s song Souther Voice. Clearly that man had deep Southern roots.

But what about us New Englanders? Has anyone ever written a song about the people, places and symbols that make this region so amazing?

A quick search of iTunes shows, Please Come to Boston by Dave Loggins, Weekend in New England by Barry Manilow, Whoever’s In New England by Reba McIntyre, and an obscure Steely Dan song call The Boston Rag. Eh, nothing we can call an anthem to New England life.

There is so much to love about New England and there are many of us who are clearly passionate about where we choose to live. Thanks to Karen Kiley, the new permanent co-host of the WOKQ Morning Waking Crew, we now have an anthem we can we can get behind. Based on McGraw’s Souther Voice, it highlight’s some of what makes New England a great place to live. For copyright reasons, they cannot post an audio version, but the lyrics are available.

They play it frequently during the morning show, so tune mornings between 5am and 9am in and maybe you’ll catch a listen for yourself.

What songs remind you of New England?


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