A Sunday in New Hampshire

Spring comes slow to New Hampshire. We have to make due with slowly rising temperatures, and the gradual return of the birds to tide us over until nature rewards our patience with a burst of green long after our Southern neighbors have started regularly cutting their lawns. However, the sluggish awakening does not, in any way, diminish the impact of spring on our winter-weary (and this year waterlogged) spirits.

This weekend’s unusually warm weather begged to be enjoyed. Windows were opened, short sleeves donned and we event broke out the sunscreen. On Sunday morning, I stole a few minutes for a peaceful, quiet walk near my house. I started with my iPod cranked but quickly ditched the ear buds to enjoy the sounds of the outdoors, my footsteps on the dirt road, a hand full of birds and the neighbor’s dog.

A glorious day indeed.

Note, I shot this video on my iPhone.  Lesson learned, turn it sideways for the correct aspect ratio.

What are your spring time rituals?


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