The First Weekend in April


Friday was Fish’s tenth birthday. So, there was some of this.

A chocolate bundt birthday cake with heart sprinkles

Grammy & Grandpa gave her a “Just Like You” doll from American Girl and we thought she was going to cry.

Fish hugging Grammy

The arrival of her new doll encouraged her brother to get his doll, named Sonic. (This is an improvement from the doll’s original name, Knuckles. Don’t ask, we don’t know).

Timmy Hugging Sonic, his Bitty Twin Boy Doll

Saturday brought gorgeous weather that just begged to be enjoyed, so after we completed a few chores, we headed for the local skate park so Mim could get back on his big bike and Fish could try her new skate board. I tried it too 😦

Mim and fish at the top of a ramp.  He on his bike her on her skateboard.  My scraped knee.

Sunday of course was Easter and the whole family gathered at Grammy’s house. There were deviled eggs, a ham, an egg hunt, a bunny cake and crack pie (a dessert that will have a blog post unto itself in the near future).

An egg dyed to look like a devil, the bunny cake, Grumpy old man smiling, dyed eggs, a hidden egg, Fish hunting eggs, Cousin Smiling, Group shot of kids counting their egg hunt loot.

We came home and while the grown ups settled into a food coma, Fish taught herself how to ollie.


One thought on “The First Weekend in April

  1. I must know more about this crack pie!Thanks for the comment on my blog about my impulsive boy. It's good to know that it will pass (hopefully).


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