That Kiss

I save The Good Wife to watch on nights when my husband (more of a Two and a Half Men kind of guy) isn’t around. He was out a lot last week, so I played catch up with the DVR. I’m a little late with this, but, DID YOU SEE THAT KISS?!

I knew it was coming. CBS previewed it endlessly (see above) but OH, MY! Alisha Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and Will Gardener (Josh Charles) locked lips on an episode earlier this month. I don’t even want to be that crass when describing the moment. It was really quite tender and passionate. Alisha rests her hand on Will’s shoulder to comfort him. Their eyes lock and the tensions that have been building between them overwhelm Will. He touches her cheek and leans in, she meets him. It’s not sloppy, there’s no tongue, but there is an energy. My description couldn’t begin to do the scene justice. It is well written and acted. It was just a kiss, but with that kiss, everything changed.

I don’t have a ton of experience with first kisses. I’ve had a few in my life, but my most memorable first kiss was with A-Man for the energy behind it and the impact it had on my life. We were acquaintances who, when the timing was finally right, became so much more. When he kissed me, there was magic in the air. The next day, I would leave a voice mail for a friend telling her I’d met the man I was going to marry. This is real life, and while there  were, challenges,  we did walk down the aisle and have built a life together that Hollywood would call mundane (for the record I’m O.K. that we bore Hollywood).

The writers of The Good Wife, have yet to reveal what is next for Will and Alisha, but this is a TV drama, so no doubt the characters will face triple the complications that we did. Still, that kiss changed everything.

Was there every a kiss that changed your life?


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