Chandler’s Cakes and Candy Supplies and a Birthday to Remember

Top Intense focus on decorating, Piping a cake border, Sue's finished cake, A masterpieceKids birthday parties. Ugh, they can be such a minefield. I want to do things that are memorable, but not ridiculously costly. Fun is the primary focus as opposed to extravagance. In my daughter’s case, the party also needs to have a creative component.

This year, we were scratching our heads trying to think of something a little out of the ordinary but also budget friendly. Last year, we took a trip to American Girl Place in Natick, Massachusetts. We had a lovely time, but due to the expense, my daughter was limited to bringing one friend. This year, she wanted to include more of her friends so we had to come up with an activity that had a lower per attendee cost. My Mother-in-law found the perfect solution. Cake decorating with Sue Chandler of Chandler’s Cakes and Candy Supplies in Concord.

Sue and I coordinated ahead of time, for the type of cake (chocolate) and preferred colors (blues, or greens) and a theme (music). On the appointed day, I borrowed my mother-in-law’s car and picked up a gaggle of giggly girls from school and headed for Concord. I would have preferred a weekend, but when I called in March, all the Saturdays in April were booked.

When we arrived, there was a cake waiting for each girl to personalize along with a beautiful bouquet of blue balloons. Each girl had 3 pastry bags of buttercream frosting, one each of pink, purple and teal. They also had a some musical notes made out of sugar.

After a quick snack (I brought, some healthy snacks, along with juice boxes and bottles of water), Sue set about the business at hand. She demonstrated techniques and encouraged the girls to be creative. She was engaging and complimentary and the girls ate it up (no pun intended). They experimented with spray on food coloring, they used cookie cutters to outline an fill shapes, they made borders and polk-a-dots, and a added a handful of sprinkles for the finishing touch.

When each girl’s cake was completed and boxed (what an awesome party favor!), we gathered around to sing Happy Birthday and enjoy the cake that Sue decorated. Then it was time for presents and before we knew it goodbyes.

From a parent perspective, I don’t think we’ve ever had an easier kids party. The girls had a great time and we didn’t break the bank (total cost for 7 girls was just over $125). Working with Sue was a breeze, I didn’t have to clean up and each girl went home with a favor that wouldn’t collect dust in the toy box.

From a kids perspective all the girls had a blast. When asked if she would recommend it for other kids my daughter gave an enthusiastic YES!. She wants to go back next year and try the candy making class.


Chandler’s Cakes and Candy Supplies

7 Perley Street

Concord, NH 03301

603 223-0393

Chandler’s has a full compliment of cake pans and decorating supplies as well as flavorings, candy melts and molds for candy. You can event rent a pan! Perfect for making that character cake that is a must have this year and a has been by next year.

Sue also teachers cake decorating and candy making classes. For more information, schedules and pricing, visit her web site at To schedule your party call 603-223-0393 and tell her I set you!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this blog post. This is my personal experience with wonderful New Hampshire small business.

One thought on “Chandler’s Cakes and Candy Supplies and a Birthday to Remember

  1. Loved the article and I know just how engaging Sue Chandler can be. While I am also not compensated for my comments, I am one of Sue's seven sisters! I am fond of her cookie decorating — especially at Halloween.


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