Crack Pie

Oh, my!

I have a sweet tooth (those who know me well are laughing at that one). I also love to bake sweet treats for any gathering. When I saw the recipe for Crack Pie TM in a LA Times article syndicated in my local paper, my response bordered on Pavlovian.

Crack Pie, so named because it is so addictive, is a creation of MomoFuko, a bakery and milk bar in Manhattan. I am not anywhere near hip enough to live in Manhattan nor, am I rich enough (the pies retail for $44). and I have no idea what a milk bar is, but oh, the Crack Pie.

I made it for Easter and it was as good as promised. The crust is my kind of crust, not finicky, just hearty, a mix of oatmeal, brown sugar, butter, salt, more butter and more brown sugar. The filling, a mix of sugar, eggs, heavy cream vanilla and butter is nothing short of sinful. It is gooey and rich and *sigh*. Ahem, oh, wait, sorry, where was I? Making Crack Pie yes. I only had nine inch pie plates, so my filling was a little thicker and I think I liked it that way.

It is a very rich creation, so small slices suffice even for this sugar addict. Unlike the author of the LA Times article, I agree with the creator, Christina Tosi, Crack Pie is better cooled.

I will make this recipe again, but I think next time, I might try putting the crust in mini-cupcake tins and make little tarts. One tart might be enough to appreciate the tastes, but one will never be enough to satisfy the craving.

I intended to take pictures, but the pie disappeared before I was able to wipe the grease off my fingers to get my camera.


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