NHMilk.com made me a milk snob

cute little milkphoto © 2006 hobvias sudoneighm | more info (via: Wylio)When we lived in Waltham, Mass, we had our milked delivered by Crescent Ridge Farms. When we moved here to New Hampshire, I went back to purchasing my milk at the grocery store.

I was exploring the Concord Farmer’s market last summer, when I found Catamount Farms. Oh to have milk in glass bottles, delivered to my door again. I brought home samples of the 1% and the skim. Heaven. One sip and I was hooked. I was like a junky. I had to have my fix on a weekly basis. Thankfully Catamount farms happily obliges.

Catamount farms is based out of the Chichester Country Store on Route 28 in Chichester, they deliver fresh milk from Sherman Farms Dairy in Conway, NH  along with products from Stonyfield Farms and other New Hampshire companies.

Catamount farms delivers all over central, Southern, and Eastern New Hampshire.

Visit their website to determine if they service your town. Select the products you want delivered and the appropriate interval for your family (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). You can set up a one time delivery or a standing delivery. During the warmer months, I leave a cooler with icepacks outside. Jerry leaves me a milk crate for my empties and everything is billed to my credit card.

Typically we polish off one and a half to two gallons of milk a week. It helps, that neither my husband or my daughter is able to drink milk (I have to by Lactaid for them). This is a purchase based on value and quality, not price. As of this writing, a half gallon of milk is $3.65 plus a refundable $1.50 bottle deposit plus a $3.50 charge per delivery. That is almost double the cost per gallon of milk bought at a chain grocery store, but there is no comparing when it comes to quality. When most people think of skim milk they think of a blue tinged, watery, tasteless liquid. I even have a friend who refers to skim milk as “jelly bean juice”  Not Sherman Farms skim milk! It is more like a store bought 1%. It has a solid white color and a nice full flavor. The 1% has even more depth oh and the seasonably available egg nog is to die for!! Thick and creamy, it is a dessert unto itself. I’m planning on buying some of their chocolate milk to use as hot cocoa on Christmas morning.

For me, this is about knowing where the milk comes from and making healthy choices for my family. It is about purchasing a quality product, and supporting local businesses.

Try some, you won’t regret it!

These words are my personal opinion. I am not affiliated with Catamount Farms or Sherman Farms Dairy. I did not receive any compensation for this post. I simply want to spread the word about two great companies and a wonderful product.


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