Thank you Nancy Achilles

Stupid people tricks.  yeah, that’s me this morning.

Mailbox on Inclinephoto © 2008 J.D. Page | more info (via: Wylio)I was going to my son’s Christmas play this morning, sneaking in a quick errand then back home to my keyboard to write. Great plan, that is until my quick errand went awry.

See, I had two envelopes, one with an address and a stamp and one with To: Michele From: Lee written on the front.  It contained paperwork from the recently completed Girl Scout Fall Product Sale. Paperwork that was due today and the absence of said paperwork would make a ton of extra work for another volunteer.  Guess which one I mailed?  Yup, the Girl Scout paperwork.

First there is that stunned shock of OH NO I DIDN’T.  Then as I heard the loud steel bang of the mail box chute closing there was the panic of OH YES, I DID!!

I called Michele and she suggested calling the Post Office.  I finally reached a nice woman from the local distribution center who said the carrier that services that box hadn’t left yet.  She took my number and told me she’d call me when he picked it up.

The mailbox was 7 minutes from my house.  I wasn’t home but 10 minutes when my phone rang and the nice woman was telling me she had my wayward envelope and asked how far was I from the box.


I drove to meet her and thanked her profusely for making a special trip.  Then I asked her name and which office she worked out of (I was thinking I’d send a note to her supervisor).  Her name was Nancy oh, she IS THE POSTMASTER of CONCORD!

She wished me Happy Holidays and we went our separate ways. She didn’t have to do that.  As Postmaster, I’m sure she has a few other things to attend to, especially this time of year, but I am really grateful that she took the time to help me out.

That my friends is the spirit of the season!


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