A letter to my daughter on choosing a mate

Dear Fish,

Mother and sonphoto © 2010 Quinn Dombrowski | more info (via: Wylio)Eventually (you know when you are like 30), you are going to want to find someone to be your heart’s desire. I have a few things you should consider when looking for your forever guy. Well actually, I have one thing to consider when looking for your forever guy. Watch how he treats his mother.

Is he dismissive of her?

Do they bicker constantly?

Does he make fun of her in a mean way behind her back?

Does he whine and complain about what she DOESN’T do for him?

Does he DREAD spending time with her?

Is he clueless about her likes, dislikes and dreams?

If the answers are yes, unless there is some sort of major issue, (i.e. mental illness, abuse or alcoholism), RUN, don’t walk away from this man.

On the other hand . . .

Is he respectful?

Does he offer help when she needs it?

Does he do things for her without being asked?

Does he talk to her because he wants to not because he feels obligated to?

Does he jerk her chain just to keep things real?

Does he buy things he think she’d like when they cross his path? I don’t mean for Christmas or birthdays (although he’s thoughtful and generous then) I mean if she says she’s running out of fertilizer and he’s at Big Orange, does he pick up a bag for her?

Is he supportive of the things she does? Showing up charity fundraiser she’s planned, helping her in the garden because it is her passion?

Pink Princess Crown Cupcakephoto © 2009 Clever Cupcakes | more info (via: Wylio)In my experience, the number one indicator for how a man will treat his wife, is how he treats his mother (or the most prominent older female in his life). If he treats her like a queen, he will treat his wife like a queen. If he treats his mother like a second class citizen, he there is a high probability he will treat his wife the same way.

Who you choose as a husband is ultimately up to you, but ask yourself, do you want to be a queen or a wench?

If you are lucky, you’ll find someone like your Daddy, and someday, you’ll graduate from Princess to Queen of your own kingdom.

But, um that doesn’t have to be for a VERY VERY long time ok?



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