Fish has a full given name (no, I didn’t actually name my child Fish), but she also has a host of nick names.  When She was little I used to call her Mrs. Tinkabinka or Tink for short. Her Dad calls her Fisharoo or Rooafish.

Recently my friend tagged Fish with the name Trixie, which I love, but Fish quickly put the kibosh on that.  Lately, I’ve taken to calling her Squishy Fish or Squishy for short. I love that she signed her mother’s day card to me that way 🙂

A purple background, a big blue heart on the left and "Love A Squishy Fish, Dad and Mim"


2 thoughts on “Nicknames

  1. Love it! I’ve call my kids a number of different names as well.

    Jamie’s been JJ or Jaje. Timmy’s was TimTim when little. I think Corie had at one time called him barbaloot (from the lorax) when he was a baby. I’ve called Corie “Toad” for many years, but then again she and Jamie call me it right back. In fact, Jamie will call me Toad in public and pretty much uses it as my name all the time now.


    1. Toad! I love it.  For now, I try to be careful what I call her in public but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t slipped a few times 🙂 


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