Good WIll Hunting

I lead a pretty casual life style. I’ve always been more comfortable in denim then chiffon. A-Man and I passed the age where our friends are getting married and aren’t yet at the age where their kids are getting married (thankfully!), so I don’t have many occasions to dress up. Thus, I don’t have many dress up clothes. I’m really okay with that, but once in a while, a girl wants to feel pretty and our trip to Bermuda provided just such an occasion.

We planned a fancy dinner to celebrate our 15th anniversary and I thought I had a dress all lined up, but it turned out to be too big (a good thing over all, but it threw a wrench in my plans). I tore this town apart looking for a dress that looked nice, would be wearable for the long term and wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg. I’m pretty sure I hit every store in Concord, New Hampshire that sells women’s clothes and I couldn’t find one dress that met my criteria. I snagged a few dressy tops that went with a black skirt I already owned and called it good. I was disappointed I couldn’t find a dress, but I decided to focus on other issues like getting packed!

Two days before our departure I was running errands that included dropping off some pre-children cocktail dresses at Good Will. While there, I decided to take a spin through their rack of dresses.

My experiences of shopping at Good Will come mostly from my childhood. The first year I went to Girl Scout Camp, I went with all new clothes and a green plastic trash bag for laundry. It rained for 5 days straight. Can you say mildew boys and girls? The second year I went to Girl Scout Camp, I went with a mesh laundry bag and clothes from Good Will.

I frequently donate clothes to Good Will, but never think to shop there. Even though my friend Wendy is an ardent Goodwill fan and I frequently admire her finds, It just doesn’t enter my consciousness. Duh!

A little jewelry, a pink wrap and some heels and I was good to go.

Lo and behold, I found a dress. Actually, I found a perfect dress. I loved it, it was my size, in a classic style with an updated pattern and the kicker? It was $4.95. That’s right, four dollars and ninety-five cents. A far cry from the $85 I almost spent on a washable silk dress that was ok, but not great.

There is nothing quite liking how you look and knowing you paid almost nothing for it. I suspect the Good Will store will make its way onto my shopping list more frequently.


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